The Monster (Poem)

Out the corner of my eye,

Ignore you; I have to try,

Tell myself “You are not there!”

Into this world you wander!


Focusing on other things,

To my soul this shadow clings,

As my heart begins to race

Only then I see your face!


You’re in my mind, that I know,

Yet every glance I see you grow:

Growing stronger from my fear!

Is that claws I see appear?


It’s in my head so why be scared?

Is ra-tion-nal thought impaired?

Breathing in and breathing out,

“NOTHING WORKS!” I want to shout


Now your voice starts to mutter,

As I shake and as I stutter,

Telling me that people stare,

I feel my psyche begin to tear!


Thought I’d manage, thought I’d cope,

But I can no longer see hope!

Feel your claws around my throat.

As who I am shrinks to a mote


Got to get out, got to leave

To think you’d stay away: naïve

My soul is shaken to the core,

So I dash towards the door.


Wondering if you feel proud,

As I step out of the crowd,

In the air I feel you fade,

Like you’re hiding in the shade,


Heading home seems the right move

Missed my chance to try improve,

Damn I wish you weren’t real,

My mind has made a monster!


I’m hoping to receive some constructive criticism on this so if you have any, please leave me a comment below. Poetry is not something I’ve ever attempted before and I know nothing about it. I used the same basic structure as William Blake’s The Tyger to get my started but the content itself is my own.


Anyway, I’m still looking for some guest writers to appear on this blog so if you’ve got a story, some advice or even a poem that you’d like to share then send me a message! You can contact me on Twitter!

Hope your day goes well! Peace!


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