Welcome to my blog! You may be wondering what it’s all about. Well, if you’ve followed me from my previous blog then you’ll already have a basic idea.

To sum it up, this blog’s focus is mental health. It will look at mental health stories, coping strategies, techniques to reduce the impact of mental health issues but it will also look at travel, life in general and perhaps some other topics that we’ll find along the way.

There will be a slight focus on male mental health (you can find the reasons why here) but this blog isn’t solely for males at all. I encourage anyone and everyone to join in on the discussions and participate in writing guest articles!

What is my aim? Well, to hopefully remove some of the stigma surrounding mental health issues and those who suffer from them. There are no limits to the content that you may find here. Where some mental health blogs/websites are set up with boundaries, this one will be completely open.

I will share stories from all sorts of people so that as a community, we can provide advice or simply provide some comfort in knowing that nobody needs to be alone while going through this! I encourage anyone to step forward and share their story. You can remain anonymous or not, the choice is entirely up to you!

This blog will be by the people, for the people. While it will contain mostly posts by me to begin with, I aim to change that as we progress. Whatever your story, whatever your advice, whatever it is you want to share. I invite you to do so!

If you would like to appear as a guest blogger, feel free to contact me! Check my information related to guest blogging here!

If you enjoy films, TV shows, games, random theories and more, be sure to head over to my Ranting & Raving blog!

Hope you have a great day!


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