Anxiety & Drugs:A Guide Based on Experience

One issue I find that is rarely discussed within the mental health community is drugs: both legal and illegal. One of the advantages of running a blog with zero financial support is that I’m free to write about any topic I like. Today, I’m going to take a look at my own experience with drugs... Continue Reading →


Male Mental Health: Let’s Talk About it!

Mental health in general comes bearing a large amount of stigma. Even in some of the most developed countries, mental health is still not given the attention that it deserves and quite frankly, the attention it needs. Sure, our society has improved from throwing the mentally ill into cells and labeling them demons or wards... Continue Reading →

Cambodia: A Leap of Faith

Welcome! So this post follows on from my previous one. I’m going to look at my experience in Cambodia (originally planned to have been Thailand) and the highs and lows in relation to my anxiety! Ultimately there were some high points (in some instances quite literally) and some low points but I survived. I won’t... Continue Reading →

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